Search Engine Optimization

If you wish to improve the website ranking and drive more focused traffic for the website, having brand visibility is the best choice. We at Traj Infotech are the leading destination in India when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding the importance of enhancing the volume of website traffic, we work on the more suitable strategies to improve the ranking of the site in all possible ways. All our solutions are derived from certain extensive research in the impeding business market. We ensure that the brand penetrates the market and notify the clients on the working of the strategy.

What brings the best optimization?

We work in different areas to achieve the top ranking.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Targeting the niche
  • Enhancing web design
  • Posting engaging blogs and Contents
Search Engine Optimization

Our flow of SEO process


Website analysis

If you need top ranking for the website, it is important to know the ability and structure of the work. So, we work with the website as the foremost step.


Competitor Analysis

No digital marketing is successful unless you know what is happening in the next compound. So, we do some analysis with the list of competitors to have a unique and winning strategy.


Keyword Research

We have a webmaster that is proficient to gather the relevant keywords to have high value for the efforts in SEO.


Content Optimization

High quality, reading engaging, and keyword-rich contents are the significant tools to optimize the site, and we will be appropriate with it.



A business owner, you should be aware of the things that are going on in marketing. So, we produce the reports periodically to show the efficiency of the services.


Implement Changes

Based on the report, we work for updating and well-functioning of the strategy.